Your facebook id and name will be used to associate your sessions and equipment with your profile and show them to other users.
When you add photos to your sessions/boards/sails they will remain on facebook and are only linked with surfdiary.
When posting statistic diagrams from surfdiary to facebook, the website will post it in your name.
You can cancel the post permission in the facebook settings, if you don't want to use this feature.
When posting sessions to facebook (with release of open graph), the website will post an action to facebook,
which links to your session. For this you have to add surfdiary to your time line.
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The open graph action "to surf" is approved and finally the post function for Sessions is working!
Open beta test has started. Any suggestions or bug reports are welcome. Just use contact link below to write an email.
This page is currently in Sandbox mode and not public available

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